{You Are Beautiful} Westfield, New Jersey Child Photographer

Tracey Clark had a post on Monday about Gratitude.  Gratitude with a capital “G”.  I didn’t see it until today because I’ve been sort of lost these past few… Well… I guess months really.  It sort of came to a head this week.  The loss of a buyer on our house, the loss of a baby, the loss of money, and the gaining of a whole bunch of personal and emotional stress and tension.  It hasn’t been good.  The past two days I’ve been thinking over and over, “I need to get centered.  I need to get back into a solid yoga practice. I need to exercise.  I need to do SOMETHING that isn’t this.”

Then I see her post and I had an “aaaah hah!” moment.  Of course.  It is so simple.  Recognize what it is in my life that I am grateful for.  Focus on the positive.  Affirm that this is what is important to me.

Today I came up with two things that I am grateful for.  I am grateful for my husband.  Last night he brought me home a bouquet of daisies (my favorite flower).  He was understanding and compassionate and empathetic.  He was exactly what I needed.

I am grateful for my children. I am so happy that I have two little girls that I can instill the same values in that my husband showed me last night.  I am teaching them to be caring, loving, understanding.  I am showing them how to share a part of themselves with others, how to be forgiving, how to be strong.  I am teaching them to understand that they are beautiful.

In turn, I remind myself that I need to allow those values to shine through in me.  By allowing myself to trust in my strength, understanding, sympathy, and beauty, I can allow myself to rediscover my center.

You know what?

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Just say it to yourself. “I am beautiful”.

What are you grateful for?

  • Granna

    I will always be grateful for you.

  • Beautifully said! And what a wonderful reminder…

  • I am grateful for my mom, who is awesome. I am grateful for discouvering that indeed she misses the kids in the house. I am grateful that I have her as my mom.
    I am grateful that I had the opportunity to be raised in the country where I could run free.
    And I am grateful for the food on my table, the love in my life and the money I earn.

  • What a beautiful post and a beautiful sentiment, Meg! I’ve been feeling a bit lost these days too and I can only imagine how much more amplified that would all be if I had suffered the losses that you guys have had to endure lately. It is really so important to focus on what’s really in your heart…but it is so hard sometimes! I wish we lived closer because I’ve been feeling the deep need to get back to Yoga and exercise, too!