{What should I wear?} Chesterfield NJ Photographer

The most Frequently Asked Question HAS to be “what should I wear to my session?” I’m not surprised. The idea behind custom photography is to create images that will last a lifetime. A lifetime of looking at yourself, your kids, your baby in the. same. outfit.

But really, there is no reason to get nervous. In fact, think of the possibilities! There are so many stylish and flattering clothes out there. Let me help you pick out something that you will be happy with!

The following are examples of outfit combinations that would work well for a session.
1) “All in the Family” and “Think Neutral”

The outfits in this image are based on three colors: black/grey, white, and green. Each outfit is paired with denim which makes it look sophisticated while maintaining a fun and laid back feel.

2) Be Inspired.

The outfits in this image are all based around one article of clothing: a scarf! Since the colors work well together in the scarf, it is safe to say that they would work well broken apart into individual outfits. By doing this, each person is unique and will look great in stand-alone portraits. At the same time, the colors are harmonious enough that they will come together to create a dynamic group shot.

(all clothing was found at either Gap or Old Navy)

I’ve added this to the new client area of my website for your future reference. You can go to http://teaandbrie.com/toall and click on the “session info” link for more information.