{Westfield FestiFall} New Jersey Child Photography

On Sunday, September 20th, Westfield had their 20th annual Fall Festival, aptly named FestiFall.  I had a booth from 10-5 and was able to meet a lot of really amazing people.  During FestiFall, I did a quickie sitting for anyone who signed my mailing list.  I think it was a fair trade, look at some of the *amazing* shots I ended up with!  Babies, big kids, little kids, and in-between kids!

FestiFall 1

FestiFall 2

FestiFall 3

FestiFall 4

FestiFall 5

FestiFall 6

FestiFall 7

Yesterday, I was at another festival in Crosswicks, NJ.  I did the same thing and also walked away with some amazing shots.  I’ll have those pictures up in the galleries for those families soon.
Again, it was a pleasure meeting all of you, and I hope to see you (and your beautiful pregnant bellies, adorable kids, and newly engaged googley eyes) soon!



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  • Love these! Such great shots!