{Two Sides to this Coin} Westfield, New Jersey Child Photographer

On the one hand, I get to spend time with my younger daughter alone.  This is something that I really have never done before because I’ve never been away from the older one under these circumstances.  It is SO strange having one child.  It’s quiet. Not that Aubrie doesn’t talk (because… she does. She doesn’t shut up.), but when you don’t have the normal cacophony that is created by two young children, its… well… really really strange when one is missing.  Its sort of eerie.  It definitely feels like something is off.  I am going to enjoy the time with her regardless of the creepy stillness because I’m really going to be able to focus on Brie.  Watch her explore and grow and develop in a way that I can’t do when I’m with two.  Even on the first day, I was surprised that she wanted to go up and down the stairs pictured above.  Normally when we go to this park, she just wants to throw leaves into the stream.  But, faced with a choice without the pressure of another sibling, she decided on the stairs.  She stopped at the base of them though, refusing to go up them without me.  That’s more like my girl.  Cautious.  Reserved.  It is Thaya that brings out the small thread of “outgoing” that she has.  Without Thaya to leader her on, she waited for reassurance.

Then there is Thaya and how she is dealing with the transition.  I knew that she would want to go to school, and she would just love being around the other kids, but she is having moments of uncertainty.  For instance, two nights ago she woke up screaming for me in the night because she thought I’d left her.  She was so upset, she was sick to her tummy.  This is SO unlike her.  But, I know that we’ll work through it together and she’ll learn to love being at school.  And, she’ll realize, that I will always come back to get her!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m under the delusion that Aubrie is ready to be potty trained at 2 years. I need to go stick her on the potty…