The Polaroid Sew-Along

The Polaroid Sew-Along

Welcome to the 2017 Polaroid Sew-Along!

To find the other Polaroid Sew-Along posts and tutorials, please head over to the Polaroid Sew-Along Page!

Our Mission

Polaroids have a special place in my heart and sing to my soul. I am the proud owner of 4 polaroid instant cameras! You can imagine my delight when I realized that I could turn all of the little bits and bobs of hoarded prints into something fantastic. That the scrap that I created from cutting into treasured prints did not have to get tossed in the bin! I *know* you guys are with me on this! Somethings are just too precious to toss!

I am hosting this free Sew-Along sponsored by Megan and Meg of Urban Sewciety. My goal is to provide you with all of the information, guidance, and support that you need to create fun and whimsical Polaroid Blocks that you will be able to use in a variety of projects! You will learn how to piece the Polaroid blocks themselves, different techniques for setting them into larger blocks, and be inspired to create a finished project with them that you will love. We are hoping that in the meantime, you are able to connect with a community of sewists on social media who have varying skills and a range of interests.

Timeline, Rules, and Eligibility

The Polaroid Sew-Along Page has all of the fine details that you need to better understand the Sew-Along. It is also the place where I will have links to all of the blog posts associated with the Sew-Along. Please head over there for all of the fine print and the Sew-Along Timeline!

Find us on the Web

Meg Fahrenbach of Tea & Brie can be found here on her website as well as on Instagram. She also has a Facebook Fan Page and a newly formed Facebook Group where she hopes members of the community will begin to interact, share photos of Tea & Brie patterns (in-progress and finished), as well as ask questions and troubleshoot. Her newly opened Pattern Shop is a great place to look for your next quilt pattern. Meg has a true passion for sewing and quilting and absolutely wants to share her enthusiasm with you! The positive energy is contagious!

Meg and Megan are the co-owners of Urban Sewciety in Westfield, NJ. Their space is one part shop and one part sewing studio. They have a wonderful selection of tools and fabric, as well as a wide range of classes that are constantly being added and updated. They have an online shop associated with their website, and can also be found on Instagram. Their Facebook Page is regularly updated.

There is also a New Jersey Sews Facebook Group that is a great place to connect to local sewists and stay on top of sewing and quilting events in the area!

Thanks so much for joining, I hope you have a wonderful time Sewing Along with us!

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