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We are back from our amazing adventures at Disney World.  We go every year, and I am a self-proclaimed Disney Junkie.  You can bet that I am like the itinerary queen, and have the whole vacation mapped out weeks before the castle is even in sight.  This year was no exception.  We had many of our lunch reservations done and knew the sequence of our days to get the most out of our trip before we started our drive south.

I guess some would argue that such extensive planning can take the magic out of the trip.  I completely disagree.  Look, I have proof!  There is no stopping the feelings of happiness and wonder that accompany the first sighting of the castle.

The past few times we went with the kids, obviously they were really young.  I know that Brie didn’t remember anything from her first visit, and if Thaya remembered her last two visits, the memories had to be vague.  There is no doubt that to them, Disney was just… incredible.

(Special thanks to the lady in the background of that image who attempted to get a smile in.  I couldn’t help but giggle when I saw that)  We weren’t brought down by the crowds (yes, there were crowds.  Usually we go during slow times, but not this year.  It was the kick-off to the Spring Break 2010 season, and it. was. packed.) and every now and then we had to drag the kids to the next ride in order to make our Fast Pass time.

But no worries.  We made sure there was plenty of time for exploration and discovery.  And an occasional dance party in the street…

We had a great trip! We love Disney! We can’t wait to go back! But, next time we’ll be sure to go back during off season.  The crowds did not bring down our spirit, but there is nothing like walking into Winnie the Pooh or Splash Mountain over and over and over and over and over…

(more images to follow. These are all from the morning of Day 1!  Don’t worry, I won’t overwhelm you with Disney, but there will be more!)



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  • welcome back :) Glad you had a great time…. And as for the planning? I completely agree. It just wouldn’t be relaxing for me without it, and its so fun to do leading up to a trip.