The 2017 Summer Trip Around the World Sew-Along: Coloring Page

Summer Trip Around the World Sew-Along 2017

Summer Trip Around the World Sew-Along 2017

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Remember, you can find the original tutorial by Bonnie from Quiltville HERE.


Hello, Friends! Welcome back to the Summer Trip Around the World Sew-Along! Today I am here with a very quick post with some suggested “optional” materials for the Sew-Along.

Coloring Pages

Coloring pages are an awesome tool when you are planning out your own quilt. By this point, many of us are familiar with the “traditional” Trip Around the World quilt, or even the Scrappy Trip! Did you know that there are also variations of these quilts? These variations are created by either planning out color placement, or changing the traditional block placement. By using a coloring page, you can manipulate the design before you even start sewing.

Click the Image to Open in a new winder. Right click to download the file onto your computer!!!

Click the Image to Open in a new winder. Right click to download the file onto your computer!!!

Feel free to download the above image to your computer. Each little block is 2″ x 2″, and I have gone ahead and added the bright pink lines to show you where each 12″ x 12″ block is. This layout is a 5 x 6 layout, or a lap sized quilt. If you are making a smaller quilt, just color in a smaller grid of 12 x 12 blocks! If you are going larger, this grid will be a good starting point to see how your pattern/design is working out for you.

Please head over to Pinterest for Trip Around the World Variation Inspiration!




When I think of variation, I am particularly drawn to the quilts that use more “negative space” to really define the movement of the colors on the diagonal. Here is one example of what I mean:

This quilt by Canoe Ridge Creations is a PERFECT example of how you can lay out your blocks and take advantage of “negative space”!!! For her quilt, Megan used lots of small scraps to create this look, but this could be modified for using strips! Use the coloring page above to experiment with this and other variations on the quilt.

Are you interested in seeing this technique in action? Let me know and I will create a tutorial!!


Stripology Ruler

I also wanted to recommend using the Stripology Ruler for the Sew-Along, especially if you are planning on making a quilt that is Throw size or larger. This ruler will cut down on the time is takes to subcut your strips into 2.5″ x 12.5″ units. You can find the ruler here (aff): Creative Grids Stripology Ruler

There are a lot of tutorials and explanations of the ruler out there, but this video by Creative Grids gives you a good run down on what the ruler is about. I am not being compensated in any way by the company to recommend this ruler, I just know that this ruler really helps speed up the process and would be great for this project.


Reach Out…

If you have any questions, or would like to request specific information, don’t hesitate to reach out! I am here to help YOU, so let me know what you need to know, and I’m happy to help! As always, feel free to reach out here and leave a comment! You can also hunt me down on IG, Facebook, and on the Tea & Brie Community Page.

Happy Sewing!



  • julie soden

    would love a tutorial for the Canoe Ridges trip around the world variation

  • Tutti

    I would like to try Megan’s look. Could you explain how to accomplish it using strips? I appreciate it!

  • Hi Tutti! I will definitly create a post on how to get a similar look with strips. Stay tuned!

  • You’ve got it, Julie! I’ll get one up soon!

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  • tutti

    Thank you, Meg. I’m picking fabrics now and I’m not clear on how many fabrics are needed for the one with negative space. My quilt is not going to be scrappy, but I’m picking specific fabrics to work with. I appreciate it!

  • I guess that depends on how “scrappy” you want to make it, or how many fabrics you want to have on those strong diagonals. I personally use 3-5 fabrics if I am trying to “showcase” them. If I am trying to create a more “scrappy” look, I use a minimum of 9 different fabrics!