{Sneak Peek} Westfield New Jersey Newborn Photographer

This was one of my favorite sessions to date.  It was unique, and had quiet a few moments that I’ll never forget.  Let’s just say that both {B} & {L}, as well as myself, will be doing some laundry tonight!  Baby {O} is just as sweet as can be.  Here is a little sneak peek from this morning’s session.  He is just 12 days new, but already he is full of personality.  I’m looking forward to working on the rest of the images and sharing them with you!

Thanks again to {B} & {L}, and for inviting me into your home to share these moments with you and Baby {O}!



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  • So beautiful! Both the subjects and the incredible talent of the photographer are spectacular! I love that you guys got to share this experience together. Lots of love to you!