{Sneak Peek} Westfield New Jersey Baby Photographer

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again (and the next time I shoot a grow with me… I’ll say it then too!) – Grow With Me sessions are my favorite.  I absolutely LOVE seeing babies just days after they are born (in Baby {J}s case, I saw him hours after he was born), then increments of a couple of months after.  It really is such a great way to document the growth and development of a child, and it is amplified from my perspective since I see the babes in segments of time.  Coming in as a photographer with a B.S. in Human Development and Family Studies, I can’t help but notice the huge leaps that your little ones take between sessions.  Last night at my session I caught myself saying things like, “Ah, yup.  Stretching his vocal cords!” as he squealed and shrieked. And “Oh, he’s learning cause and effect!” as he discovered that if he squeezes the balloons they will POP!

Of course the “big” milestones are holding their heads up, sitting, crawling, and walking, but development is so much more than that.  Eye contact, smiles, laughter.  Spacial awareness, vocal imitation, cause and effect.  And the thing that I see most at my sessions? Modeling.  It is amazing how many times I capture a mom or dad making a silly face at their little one, and seeing that same face mirrored on the babe!

Enjoy your weekend!