The 2017 Summer Trip Around the World Sew-Along



Summer Trip Around the World Sew-Along 2017

Summer Trip Around the World Sew-Along 2017

Welcome to the 2017 Summer Trip Around the World Sew-Along Page!

Our Mission

I am hosting this free Sew-Along just for you! My goal is to provide you with all of the information, guidance, and support that you need to create a gorgeous quilt in the size of your choice! You will learn how to piece the blocks themselves, tips and tricks for strip piecing, and even how to change your blocks to suit your design and size needs. I hope that in the meantime, you are able to connect with a community of sewists on social media who have varying skills and a range of interests.

This Sew-Along is going to be about having fun and enjoying the process in a laid back and supportive environment.

Remember, you can find the original tutorial for the block by Bonnie from Quiltville HERE!


Beginning Thursday, June 22nd, I will begin rolling out tutorials and instructional posts to get you started on your Trip Around the World! Don’t worry, there is no need to start sewing with us on that date. Feel free to join in with us any time this summer! In fact, I know that I’m not going to be sewing until July. The Sew-along will continue in a leisurely, no-pressure pace until the end of August. The month of September will be for layout, basting, and quilting.

The following outline gives you a general idea of our Sew-Along timeline. At the end of each week, I will post a weekly recap of participating member’s blocks. As we move forward, all dates will become clickable so you will be able to go straight to each post and see what other participants are working on! Our Sew-Along is as follows:

  • June (Tutorials)

  • July

    • Week 1: 7/2 – 7/8 Cutting, Strip Piecing, Sewing Blocks
    • Week 2: 7/9 – 7/15 Strip Piecing + Sewing Blocks
    • Week 3: 7/16 – 7/22 Strip Piecing + Sewing Blocks
    • Week 4: 7/23 – 7/29 Strip Piecing + Sewing Blocks
  • August

    • Week 5: 7/30 – 8/5 Strip Piecing + Sewing Blocks
    • Week 6: 8/6 – 8/12 Strip Piecing + Sewing Blocks
    • Week 7: 8/13 – 8/19 Strip Piecing + Sewing Blocks
    • Week 8: 8/20 – 8/26 Strip Piecing + Sewing Blocks
    • Week 9: 8/27 – 9/2 Strip Piecing + Sewing Blocks
  • September

    • Week 10: 9/3 – 9/9 Layout + Assembling Top
    • Week 11: 9/10 – 9/16  Assembling Top + Basting
    • Week 12: 9/17 – 9/23 Quilting, Quilting, Quilting, + Binding

Fun and Games

Summer is all about kicking back, relaxing, and having fun! This Sew-Along is going to help you find enjoyment in the process of the craft. There are no crazy rules or requirements (see below for the basics), just a group of sewists who are working on their projects simultaneously across the globe.

In order to help bring us all closer together, I am going to come up with a series of Challenges. Whenever a Challenge is posted, it will list the rules, requirements, time frame, and reward. If you decided to participate in the Challenge, be sure to read the fine print as the requirements may change from Challenge to Challenge. All Challenges will be posted on the Blog, in my Facebook group, and on Instagram so you have three chances to get notified that a Challenge is up. I actually WANT people to participate in these Challenges, so I’ll probably drop hints about them a few days leading up :) If the Challenge is going to have a winner, the winner will be picked via Random Number.

Participation in Challenges is completely, 100% voluntary. Choose to participate in 1, choose 2. Do all, or none. Whatever you want! They are just a way for us to connect with one another, laugh with one another, and spread a little bit of Summer Sunshine into one another’s day!

Rules and Eligibility

This Sew-Along is primarily going to be on Instagram. So, what exactly does that mean? Our running tab of participants will be via Instagram, so you don’t need to sign any forms, pay any fees, or join any lists or groups. If you already have Instagram (IG), you are already ahead of the game! If not, no worries. Head over to this Instagram 101 post to familiarize yourself with the platform so that you can join in on the fun!

There will be some events during the Sew-Along that are going to be here on the blog, but we will primarily be interacting with one another on IG. It is also important to note that the images of your progress can be posted to other social media sites in order to connect with the community and share progress. We would love to see your images outside of IG, so feel free to comment here or on any blog posts with links to progress you may be showing on your own blog. If you are active on Facebook (FB) and would like to post in my group, you can find it here! There will be a list of places you can post at the bottom of this page if you need some more ideas.

The following are some additional rules for the Sew-Along. Please read the fine print so that you know all the details of the Sew-Along!

  • Instagram accounts must be public in order for all members of the Sew-Along to interact with you. I respect the need for privacy, so if your account is private you are still welcome to sew along with us for the Summer Trip Around the World Sew-Along! Private accounts may just need to put a little bit more time and energy into making friends during the sew-along.
  • The appropriate hashtags need to be used for each post to make sure that we can find you. We want to see what you are working on, so don’t forget!
  • It is strongly reccomended that you follow myteaandbrie on Instagram! You may miss out on cool and spontaneous Sew-Along surprises if you aren’t!
  • Post the photo to IG and use the following tags and hashtags: @myteaandbrie #myteaandbrie #summertripwithme2017
    • The easiest way to post the correct hashtags is to create a keyboard shortcut. I will walk you through how to do this at the end of June.
    • Other hashtags that you can post to are #scrappytriparoundtheworld #scrappytripalong
    • Also, consider making a hashtag that is specific to you so that participants can click on it and see your individual progress. For example, I’m going to be putting all of my blocks at #tb_summertrip
  • This is a very laid back Sew-Along. There is no minimum participation requirement, but I would love to see finished projects. I am going to ask that you please please please check the recommended Sew-Along Calendar once it is posted. It is going to give you a minimum amount of blocks that you need to make weekly in order to keep up.
  • Consider posting (1) image a week on Instagram with your progress. Just remember: the more you post, the more exposure you will have, and the more people will find your photos!
  • Not in the States? Not to worry. To keep things simple, EVERYONE IS WELCOME!

Fine Print (sponsorship opportunities):

  • This Sew-Along currently has NO PRIZES associated with it. I sort of decided to do this just a few days ago! HA! That being said, I would really love to create prize packages for participants!
  • I am expecting a fairly good turn out on this Sew-Along. If you are interested in contributing a prize at some point over the next few months, please reach out and let me know! You’ll get a feature on the blog, a shout out on IG and in my FB group, plus some additional “organic” perks.

And Finally….

  • The photo of your FINISHED project must include the tags and hashtags above as well as #summertripwithme2017finish – so all together your final image will have the following: @myteaandbrie #myteaandbrie #summertripwithme2017 #summertripwithme2017finish

Find us on the Web

Meg Fahrenbach of Tea & Brie can be found here on her website as well as on Instagram. She also has a Facebook Fan Page and a newly formed Facebook Group where she hopes members of the community will begin to interact, share photos of Tea & Brie patterns (in-progress and finished), as well as ask questions and troubleshoot. Her newly opened Pattern Shop is a great place to look for your next quilt pattern. Meg has a true passion for sewing and quilting and absolutely wants to share her enthusiasm with you! The positive energy is contagious!

There is also a New Jersey Sews Facebook Group that is a great place to connect to local sewists and stay on top of sewing and quilting events in the area!


Thanks so much for joining, I hope you have a wonderful time Sewing Along with us!