See you around?

HELLO SEPTEMBER! Can you believe it is here?  The end of summer slipped right past me because of this rediculous head injury.  I’m sort of bummed that there wasn’t more pool swimming, slip’n’sliding, watermelon eating, BBQing, but I am still looking forward to the Fall! I just love me a change of season!
Anyway, today I just wanted to let you know that I’m all over social networking, though I don’t do a very good job of it on all of the different platforms.  I’ve updated my buttons on the side with where you can find me – Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and how to email me.  Some of the links are associated with my photography identity, Tea & Brie, and I don’t really have an intention to change that at this point, so just bear with me.  
I am not on Twitter that often, in fact, I have it linked to all of my other accounts, so any updates that are on Twitter aren’t usually from me, they are just automatically sent from another service like Pinterest, Facebook, or Instagram.  I am also not of Flickr or Facebook that often, but I am going to try to change that and become active on those pages again.  Especially Flickr. I am a Getty Artist, and the $$ isn’t going to keep rolling in (lol, right.) if I don’t have a steady stream there!  It also seems to be a place where a lot of fiber and textile artists share their work in groups, etc. and I would love to connect!
My Instagram handle is @teaandbrie – I would love it if you would add me and say, “hello!” I am currently working on a 366 project, so I update there ever single day.  My numbers are all screwed up and do not correctly correspond with whatever number that particular day should be due to my inability to count (thank you, concussion!), but I haven’t missed a day yet! Hopefully I’ll figure it out before December 31st, because it is going to be sort of anticlimactic if I post #362 on day #366! Ha!
I am also working on updating my Reader.  I really believe that if you are a regular over here and you have a blog, than it is only right that I come and visit you too! So I have been sorting through the comments that you leave in an attempt to find you and follow your blog as well.
So, if you add me and leave a little note letting me know where you are from or how you found me (pretty please? the concussion is making it hard for me to keep everyone straight!), then I would love to follow you too!
Hope you are enjoying your weekend! Happy September!
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  • Your photography is beautiful!