Plus for Thomas

I am officially caught in quilting’s snare. I had an amazing time putting this quilt together.  I loved just following my heart and not sticking to any pattern. The creative process was liberating, and although the quilt isn’t terribly original, the process really allowed me to feel as if the quilt was my own.

I used the leftover cuts from the front to make a patchwork back, and supplemented it with some additional fabrics that I had leftover in my stash.  I like that this quilt could be considered reversible.

I also tried straight cut binding, and used the machine to attach it to this quilt. The speed of these techniques were a bonus, though I definitely prefer hand sewing the binding. It just isn’t always practical to do so.

Title: Plus for Thomas

Dimensions:54.5″ x 64″ It is a nice sized toddler/lap quilt

Fabric: A variety of fabrics from a fat quarter pack found here

The Process: I started this quilt by cutting all of the fabric into 5×5 squares.  I thought that I would have fun arranging the colored fabric within the negative space, and I would have an easier time doing it if they were charm square size.  I decided to do a ‘plus’ layout after some arranging and rearranging.  At first I had all of the pluses centered, but I decided in the end that I liked them off a little more than in straight lines.  To assemble the top, I worked it as a nine patch, and assembled the blocks from there.

Quilting: Simple off-set diagonal lines spread at least 5″ apart make this quilt very soft and cuddly.  After quilting, I was also surprised to discover that my “random” arrangement wasn’t so random!

What Needs to be Done: Since I actually completed the label for this one, the only thing that need to do is take a picture of this quilt with its recipient after he is born!

For Next Time: The only thing I would do is make sure that I have enough scrap to cover all of the negative space.  It was a little bit of a set-back to find that I was two 5″ blocks short on the natural negative space color!

I am thinking about creating a step-by-step for you to follow if you are interested in assembling a similar top!