{Photography Classes} New Jersey Photographer

I am thrilled to announce that I’m going to be offering one-one-one photography mentoring.  Today is the first day of class, and I can’t wait!

The mentoring series is going to be based around “getting to know” photography.  Right now there are two choices.  Getting to Know Your Camera will allow you to take your camera off of automatic to take control of your exposures.  It lightly touches on composition, but does not go in depth.  Where Getting to Know Your Camera leaves off, Getting to Know Composition picks up!  You get a more comprehensive feel for composition, including understanding the elements and principles of design and practice with the art of awareness.  You will walk away from Getting to Know Composition with some real practice in “seeing”.

So, who is a good fit for the Getting to Know Your Camera and Composition courses?  Anyone who owns a DSLR who is stuck on automatic and wants to bring their picture taking to the next level.   This includes the hobbyist who wants to feel more connected to their work, parents or grandparents who want to take better pictures of their kids/grandkids, someone who was gifted a camera and hasn’t a clue where to start, or someone who looks at other people’s photos and thinks “why don’t mine come out like that?”
If you would like more information on one-on-one mentoring, including a general syllabus, rates, and availability, please email Meg at TeaAndBrie@gmail.com or call 609.203.6391

  • Mairin

    I was the lucky first student for Meg’s class today. I learned a lot of information, but not too much that I couldn’t understand it. I’m excited to work on my homework and for my next mentoring session!

  • girl! this is awesome. so proud of you!