Pattern Testers

Because pattern testing doesn't require you to put on fancy pants.

Because pattern testing doesn’t require you to put on fancy pants.

Don’t feel like reading all of that down there? Scroll down to the bottom of this page to get to the form!

Have you been a pattern tester for other designers and just love trying out new patterns? Is this your first time delving into the world of pattern testing? Maybe you are just thinking about it but don’t want to commit to anything just yet?

Whatever your story is, WELCOME! I am so excited that you are even considering testing out some of my patterns!

So how does this whole pattern testing thing work? Read on for more information on requirements, the selection process, and compensation.

Q: What is a pattern tester and why are they needed?

A: A pattern tester is someone who is involved in reading, lightly editing, and sewing up a pattern before the pattern is published. The patterns are not usually ready to be released until after they are tested by a number of sewists/quilters. Pattern testers are an incredibly important part of the pattern writing process. As a group they are able to give the designer a unique perspective on the pattern, and can generate helpful feedback!

Q: Ok, you have my interest piqued, but what is actually involved in testing?

A: This is a great question, but it is difficult to answer. Testing requirements vary based on the pattern, but there are some things that remain consistent across all patterns.

  1. Time commitment – you will be given a specific time frame to for testing.  Many patterns are being released on a deadline, so it is important to be sure that you have the time to commit before you agree to test.
  2. An ability to do basic quilt math – this is important because, believe it or not, even experienced designers can mess up the numbers. It is important to sit down and crunch some numbers to make sure that they make sense before you make your first cut. Remember, the pattern hasn’t been published yet for a reason!
  3. A willingness to read slowly and carefully as you go through the pattern to look for typos, grammatical errors, and inconsistencies in wording.
  4. Some way to make notes as you work, and an ability to share those notes – whether you send the information in an email body, as an word document, or a scanned image of your written notes.

Q: I’m pretty sure I can do all of those things, but I’m not sure that I’m a skilled enough sewist to be considered. What skills do I need?

A: Unless stated otherwise, all skill levels will be considered for testing. Most patterns are appropriate for a beginner on up. A handful of patterns may be geared towards a more experienced sewist, and if that is the case, it will be clearly noted when the call for testers goes out! Quilts will range from individual blocks, to minis, all the way up to queen sized quilts. Some quilts will need a range of sizes and I’ll be looking for testers for each size.

Q: CALL FOR TESTERS? What does that even mean?!?

A: Hey hey hey. Shhhhh. Relax. Everything is good! The selection process is easy! If you are interested in testing, here’s what happens.

  1. Fill out the form below. When there is a pattern ready to be tested, I will send out an email to anyone who is on this “potential tester” list.
    1. The email will contain information about the pattern and skills required, time frame/turn around, and the sort of feedback that is needed for that particular pattern.
  2. If you are willing and able to test on that particular pattern, just reply and I’ll mark you down as interested. Generally speaking, you need to RSVP within 24hrs of the email to be considered.
    1. Based on the response, testers may be randomly selected from those who reply as interested. Typically only 8 or so testers are needed per pattern.
  3. If you are selected, you will receive a confirmation by email and any further information or files required to get started.

Q: What if I can’t commit to doing one of the patterns? Will I get kicked off the list?

A: Nope! This email list is used entirely for the purpose of contacting potential testers. If you are unable to test on a particular pattern, that’s fine! You will still receive the emails as long as you are on the list. You can unsubscribe at any time if you decide that testing may not be for you, and that’s fine too. You may receive 4 or 5 emails before you are able to jump in, and that’s ok! I’m just happy to have you on board.

Q: Interesting. So what do I get out of it?

A: All of my testers will receive the final copy of the pattern in .pdf form as a thank you for your time.  I am hoping that you also learn a few more skills, stretch your creative limbs, and even connect with other testers while working on a pattern. Occasionally I will have other incentives which will be specified during the call for testers.

Q: Okie Dokie! Let’s go! What do I do?

A: Fill out the form below. You will receive your first email after my Tech Editor has had her time with my next up and coming pattern!

Remember, this list is ONLY used for pattern testing, so you will only receive emails pertaining to testing when you subscribe to this list, about 1-2 times a month.