Our Trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains

With all of the medical issues we’ve been dealing with over the past year, it made it pretty impossible to vacation.  We haven’t “gotten away” since 2011, if you can believe it.  This year, we took a trip to the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, and man, did we ever make the most of it.  We’re back now, and brought the vacation attitude home with us.  I’m slowly unpacking the luggage, repacking the refrigerator, and recovering from the drive (because 9 hours in traffic in a car is not good for someone with back, neck, and head issues).  This week will consist of finishing editing my most recent sessions, filling the Etsy orders from both of my shops, and completely avoiding the fact that it is basically August and Target keeps getting in my face with the “back to school” thing.


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  • Bil

    Amazing photos! Kudos!