{Oh, My Darling} Westfield, New Jersey Food Photographer

A sweet little treat for you on Christmas Eve Eve!!! I was gifted these delicious little clementines by my mom.  Lucky for me, a crate is just too much for my mom and dad.  That leaves the extras for me!

So, this all sounds great, except for the fact that my children devour any fresh fruit that comes into the house.  So, here is a little peek into what happens:

1) We go to the store and my kids start freaking about about the apples, bananas, pears, blueberries, etc.  Brie gets so desperate for me to buy fruit that she starts to call tomatoes “apples” to prove a point.

2) I buy some fruit

3) We go home and I stick all the fruit in the fridge because if I leave it out, I will come into the kitchen at some point in the day to find that every piece of fruit has little toddler teeth marks in it.

So, everything was going find until my mom came over with these little beauties.  We decided to put all of my fruit in my big, teal, cast iron pot.  Looks great, but way to accessible for my children.  They have been on a fruit binge for the past 24 hours.  It is sorta getting out of control… there are half eaten pears and apples all over the house…

But, that being said, my kids aren’t that crazy about vegetables to it is very important that they get enough fruit.  We just have to better explain that you work on one piece of fruit at a time!!

So, our holiday season is inevitably filled with lots of tasty baked goodies, but for whatever reason I haven’t really been interested in them.  I know. CRAZY.  With the other two, all I wanted was carbs and sugar.  This one is much different, and its a good thing!  All I want are pears, clementines, and protein.  And no, I haven’t yet sunk my teeth into a juicy roast beef sandwich yet. As of today, I’m still a vegetarian :)

  • Rachel

    My boys are like that with fruit too! Great images, I love the little heart of peel.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours, my dear. Looking forward to lots more lovely images from you in 2011.


  • Clementines are an all time fav here. Just like your girls Max will sink his teeth into anything fruit we walk by at the grocery store. I have to sequester him in the cart so he won’t leave his mark all over the fruit section. :)

    Love these photos. So whimsical.