{New Things} Westfield, New Jersey Child Photographer

When she is faced with a new experience, she gets quiet.  It happened when we went to Disney earlier this year.  Everyone was asking her if she was excited, telling her what it would be like.  But, she had nothing in her life experiences to relate it to, so when someone asked, “are you excited?”, she really didn’t know how to respond.  It was the same thing for school.  We read all sorts of getting ready for school books, and talked about what it would be like when she would go to school – the friends she would make, the things she would learn, and all the toys she would play with.  But still, when you asked, “are you excited?”, she just couldn’t answer you.

So, we loaded up her bag with a change of clothes, her school folder, and name tag, and some “guys” to keep her company.  She knew she had to keep them in her bag, but she didn’t really mind.  Just knowing they were there was good enough.

I know she picks up on how I react, so I’ve been nothing but positive.  She over heard a few people questioning whether she had reservations about school, but i know her well. She doesn’t have reservations, she is just stepping back and allowing the experience to happen.

I walked her up to the building and I talked about how pretty the flowers were.  How nice it is to see all the other kids getting ready for school. I said, “good morning!” to the teachers outside of the school greeting the new arrivals.  And when we got to the classroom, she took off her bag, hung it up on her hook, found her name tag, and went up to the teacher. And shook her hand.  SHOOK HER HAND.  So typical.

She went right in the room and started to explore.  She started talking and playing with a little girl.  She was fine. I went up to her and said, “Sweetie, I need to go and make sure your sister is ok.  She the clock? See that little fat hand? When it gets to the 10 I’ll be back to get you!”

I gave her a hug and a kiss and whispered into her ear, “Be a good listener. Be a good friend. I love you!” And away I went.

And in the end?  It was overwhelming for her.  There was a lot of energy at the school.  There were a lot of kids who were there who weren’t happy (and my daughter is TOTALLY a sympathy crier), and she picked up on that energy.  She saw the parents who were tearing up as they were leaving the room.  But, she told me all about the pretzels and goldfish for lunch, the slides on the playground, the book about school that they read at circle.  She told me that Mrs. P sure knows a lot about the weather, and she let Thaya play with playdoh all by herself.

I knew she was hungry and tired but asked her anyway, “are you excited about going back tomorrow?” She said, “No mommy, I just want to stay home and play with blocks with you.” I dropped it.  But a few hours later, after a good lunch, while using the potty she said, “Mommy, let’s go back to school tomorrow. It will be fun again.”

That’s my girl. Totally open to new things and, even though she may not be a chatterbox before and after she experiences it, she is still interested in the experience.

I have to learn not to hover. Not to question. Allow the information to come out at its own pace.

So there you have it.  My little girl’s first day of school.  Tomorrow is a new day, and a new experience. I am so happy for her :)



  • that’s exactly how bella is. she’ll stand for 15 minutes at the playground, taking it all in before she joins in herself. glad the day went so well :O)

  • Mairin

    I’m so happy for her! (and you!)

  • Such a well written description. And beautiful pictures! Congrats to you both for this milestone.