{Morning Light} Westfield, New Jersey Photographer

I’ve been having a hard time (a really really hard time) getting back into the swing of things since our trip out to LA.  Last week I suffered from jet-lag, and piared with having two sick kids and rainy weather, we were slow moving.  This weekend we spent close to home and tried to find some semblance of normal.  Now we’re back to Monday with another rainy day.  This morning we were able to find our routine (sort of. I didn’t do my hair, but at least I showered), and got out the door to school (for Tea) and story time at the library (with Brie), but upon our return home, we’ve all plucked ourselves in front of the TV with our lunch, waiting for nap.  We’re tired. We’re dragging. It’s gray and cold and gloomy outside.

I did take the time to stop this morning and allow myself to slow down.  I’m forgiving myself these sluggish feelings.  I’m reminding myself that up until last week, this year was working against us.  I allowed myself to take a last minute trip on a whim and have a good time, and now I need to allow myself to recover from all of the excitement.

So I soaked up the little bit of light that was filtering in through the window.  It was in a spot that I don’t normally see because I really had to search it out.  I saw this and I allowed myself to be present in the moment.  Something that opened me up and allowed me to be present for the rest of the morning.  While out with the girls, I didn’t check my phone or email for 3 hours.  I didn’t look at Facebook or Twitter.  I had my focus on my oldest as we said our goodbyes and noticed how competant she is becoming.  I had my focus on my youngest during story time and I realized how great she was at singing along with the librarian, and following the directions and signs (I’m still a little irritated that they won’t let her go with her older sister. She sits quietly the whole time).  My girls are growing up so fast, and I’m so happy that I am here to witness it.  I was present and I obsorbed all of the details.

So tomorrow I will devote to finishing up a few sessions and my taxes.  But today is just one more day reserved to just hanging out (and vacuuming, and cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen, and folding the clothes and changing the sheets).