{Miss Match Week 19} Westfield, New Jersey Fine Art Photographer

This week I was paired up with Diane Miller again from The Shutterbug Eye. Do you remember our diptych from Week 1? Our theme then was Surreal.  This week?  It’s bliss.

I’ve been having a rough time over the past couple of months.  So, to be assigned bliss was a little bit of a stumper for me, but funny enough, it was the easiest theme I’ve participated in yet!  I decided that I just needed to let my heart and mind be open to the little things around me that make me happy, that make me feel that overwhelming feeling of bliss.  That evening we headed to the beach, and I realized that… well… that was it for me.  To have the warm evening light shining on me, to watch my children squeal and laugh and play with each other, and to watch my husband sitting there, smiling at them, feeling the same feelings of love and joy that I was feeling.  Perfect. Bliss. So, here it is…

Week 19 :: Bliss

Top :: The Shutterbug Eye

Bottom :: Tea & Brie Photography

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