{miss match project :: week 5} new jersey fine art photographer

This week I was lucky enough to be paired up with two ladies!  Amy Longberry and Laura Evans are both very talented, I urge you to check out their shops!  Our theme this week was “nostaliga”.

Week 5 :: Nostalgia

Right: Laura Evans
This week was incredibly difficult for me.  First, the theme to me was really vague (as they are every week, thats the point).  I work much better with something more specific, but the best that the three of us did for specific was “lets just try to take a snapshot of a memory”.  Um.  Yea.  Vague-er.  I was the one who set up the trip, and I did it this way for two reasons.  1)  The image on the left and the image on the right both fill the frames and have really strong coloring.  I felt that they were like bookends.  Mine has a lot of negative space and I felt that putting the two on the sides gave a boundry and structure.  2)  The image on the left has similar coloring with mine.  It also has a image of a flowering bush in there that reminded me of my image, so I put it to the left – my flowers are sort of pointing towards it.  I also felt that the right side of my image was a little gentler and more open, so I put Laura’s on the right b/c it is so strong in color.
Need to take next week off, but I’m looking forward to participating in week 7.  There are some people who I am really hoping to get paired with, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed!
Thanks again to Amy & Laura, and to all the ladies who are making the Miss Match Project a success!