{Meet Hippity and Hoppity} Westfield New Jersey Photographer

Thaya’s birthday is coming up, and I want to make her some little plush dino toys.  I spent some time this weekend looking for a few patterns on Ravelry, and found the designer Alan Dart.  I found four dino patterns; Tyrone O’Saurus, Terry Dactyl, Stella Saurus, and Troy Ceratops (I may have also bought the party penguins pattern because the girls are obsessed with Pingu). They are perfect for her! I ordered the yarn so that I could start making them, but she has been asking me for weeks to make her something (angry birds, dinos, etc), so I found some cute free patterns while I was at it.  By clicking over to Rebecca Danger’s site, you can find her free patterns for Chubby Chirps, Monster Chunks, and Bunny Nuggets. They are all so cute, and they knit up so fast (I knit two of these bunnies last night for the girls, and one during their nap today for Lily), I highly recommend checking them out!

I love these bunny nuggets, all the way down to their long ears and their cute little tails!

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  • Theresa

    They are so cute!