{Maternity Mini} Westfield, New Jersey Maternity Photographer

Ok, it is possible that I say this after every type of session, but man! I LOVE maternity sessions!  It is so great to hear the couple talk about their impending arrival, about their expectations, about their preparations.  I never say this to first time parents, but you are never ever ready for the birth of a child.  I think that as a mother, I know a little bit about what is in store, but even with your second or third, there really is no preparation.  And I’m not just talking about the sleepless nights and the crying and the diapers.  I’m talking about preparing for the good stuff as well.  There really is no way to get ready for the first time that your baby looks at you, recognizes you, and smiles.  Or how about the first belly laugh?  Or when they start sucking on their toes?  How about when they are a little older and in a moment of being overwhelmed with a feeling they’ve known since birth, they are able to put a label on it?  For the first time they say, “Lub you, mommy” (or some variation), and if the toddler Gods are smiling down  on you, you get a spontaneous kiss as well?  Right when I think it is absolutely impossible for my heart to swell an larger, one of my children will do something that I wasn’t expecting, and i will just about melt with warmth and affection.

There really is no way to prepare for that.

So, during these sessions, I take a good look at these couples, and I listen to their excitement and their concerns.  I see their smiling faces, and an occasional mask of anxiety, and I can’t help but be overwhelmed for them.  Because yea, getting engaged and married is cool, but that has nothing on parenthood.

Keeping it light, having some fun!

Such a beautiful pregnant woman. This may be that “glow” that they talk about!

It really was an amazing day for pictures.  {S} & {B} were so laid back and comfortable, and it was great seeing them interact with each other and Bear.  And, to top it all off, it was {S} birthday! So, I hope you had a wonderful day together, and I hope that you enjoy your session images!