{Life with Three} Westfield New Jersey Child Photographer

Life with three has been… well…

honestly, it hasn’t been so bad.  I thought it was going to be rough.  Really really rough.  But as it turns out, Lily is a doll, the girls are relatively understanding, and life has been carrying on.  A little bit of planning and flexibility has really gone a long way for us.  “Sleep-overs” in the living room in the middle of a sunny day (above)…

Outside play at 7am in order to beat the heat…

and of course little sugar and spice sleeping away (and the help of a certain Granna, I must add. Because mommy has been able to lay down *almost* every day when the girls have been napping and WOW.  Life isn’t so bad when you are only semi-sleep-deprived)…

Is it true that babies grow in their sleep?  If it is, it is no wonder that little peanut is growing like a weed.  She sleeps a pretty fair amount – you know, whenever she isn’t eating. Though I have noticed a little bit of a decrease in the sleep and a little bit of an increase in the fuss-factor these past few days.  Only time will tell how that is going to pan out for us.

So, if you are wondering, it is my honest opinion that going from one to two children is a nightmare.  Once you are over that little hurdle, and get yourself a good routine, and get a hand at juggling more than one little soul in your hands, anything else sorta just molds right in.  Two to three? No big deal.  We got this.

Right guys?


We’ve totally got this.



  • so glad to get an update, meg! she’s precious! i hope you are feeling well!!!

  • Glad, life is good for you right now!