{It’s a Party!} Westfield, New Jersey Photographer

Matt turned 30 on Friday, and this year I decided to throw him a big surprise party.  His birthday was on Friday, but the party wasn’t until Saturday, so I had the task of trying to make Friday seem special enough without making him suspicious as to why more wasn’t happening.  Friday consisted of a home-made four layer white cake with lemon curd and lemon icing, frosted with butter cream icing and topped with jelly beans and 31 candles.  There were also balloons involved.

The big surprise came on Saturday when friends and family surprised him at brunch.  He said he was suspicious that something was going to happen (thanks to the house being clean and creamer being in the fridge…) but had no idea the extent to which the party would go!  We had an awesome 4-course meal,  and told stories about how crazy Matt is.  It was great!

After brunch, we continued back to our home, where many of our friends and family gathered around to look through a photo album that contained pictures of Matt through his younger years.  We all loved making fun of him some more…

And when the festivities ended, and the last car pulled off of our street, I took a little walk to finish off my roll of film.  It was nice and peaceful.

All images are free of post-processing and shot on Kodak Ultramax 400.  And I’m sorta upset because my two favorite shots from the bunch are corrupt on the CD that the lab gave me. Ugh.  Just bought myself a negative scanner.