{Here I Am} Westfield New Jersey Photographer

Oh, hello.  I almost forgot about you….

NOOOO, not really.  Just been very busy.  I wish I had some grand excuse as to why I have’t been around, but I don’t really.  I’ve just been trying to live life with my kids and husband instead of spend so much time trying to record it.  I’m sure you understand.

And of course, having a new little soul to take care of certainly does take up a lot of time.  Even if they are… you know… gosh. I don’t even want to say it.  I think I’ll jinx it if I say it out loud.  Let’s just say we all know how much of a challenge my second little angel was (IS.  IS IS IS), and we’ll say that Lily is the opposite of that. Ok?

And it is amazing to me how much #3 LOVES #2.  I mean, she is totally into Thaya too, but whenever Aubrie is around, she gets really super excited.  Kicking, smiling, and almost laughing!  I just love it.  The two of them are going to be great friends I think.

By the way, have you seen this blog? So cool.  I could totally do that.

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  • hi! i have been keeping up with you elsewhere, but i’m glad to see a new post!!! 😉 xxo