Hello and Thank You!

I am seriously blown away.  
When Rachel announced her contest, I took it very seriously, but I never imagined that I would actually win!
I mean, I am new to the online crafting/sewing/quilting community.  I had a blog in 2002 dedicated to my cats and knitting, but that hardly counts (although it did get me an awesome gig as a sample knitter for years. Awesome!).  My online presence has been dedicated to my photography, and since sweet Lily was born, I have only maintained the website for professional work.  I haven’t had a personal space to explore and write, and now that I am trying to develop these aspects again, I am overwhelmed by how far the community extends.  There are so many wonderful blogs, and so many awesome people doing such amazing and creative things…
So to work really hard at those hoops, and to just love them because I made them with my own two hands for my sweet little girl, that was enough, you know?  But then to have all of you lovelies respond, and say, “Wow! Great job!” and give me cyber-pats-on-the-back – that was beyond amazing.
And to start a dialog with some of you!  And for many of you to say, “Sweetie! Get over to Spoonflower and scoop up some mermaids!”
And then to receive the news this morning that I won?  
Thank you all so very much for your encouragement, your enthusiasm, and your support!  I know that everyone who submitted to the contest worked really hard on their projects, and all the work and attention to detail was so great.  I am really flattered and humbled that people voted for me, and I am so excited that I will be able to make a quilt for Lily!  So, now on to the planning!
And because I have serious issues with writing a post with no pictures, please take a look at my chandelier…
When we moved into our house 2 years ago, I absolutely insisted that this chandelier be saved.  The house hadn’t been updated since 1959, and this gorgeous brass chandelier with milk glass globes would not be thrown away.  My husband was not as enthusiastic as I was.
Now that our oldest daughter is starting Kindergarten, we needed to re-think our dining room layout in order to create more space for the kids to spread out to work.  Of course that means that I finally pulled this beauty down to spray paint!

I have chosen an off-white color called “Ivory” something-or-other.  It is perfect, don’t you think?  It looks all buttery and delicious up next to the milk glass.  Once my hubby is home and has it properly mounted it (and I have a fabric sleeve over the chain, what are those called?), I will take a picture of the chandelier in all of her updated glory!
  • Congratulations again, very well deserved! xx

  • I commented at Rachel’s blog yesterday about your win and just want to say “Congrats” to you here. I love your blog. And your winning project was simply adorable. Great job!

  • Thanks again, Rachel! xox

  • Yeah yeah! congratulations! You deserve it – best creative use of the fabric for sure!