Hand Embroidered Pillows Part 2

When I originally posted about these pillows, I didn’t have any nice pictures of the pillow I’d done in pink, or about the small quilted pillow that I made to use under my arm in Lily’s room while I read and cuddle with her. So, Here you go!

I am really happy how these came out, and I particularly like how the embroidery coordinates so well with the prints of the fabric. I’m looking forward to trying these in some slight variations, specifically I am going to try them in solids.

I already have an embroidery for Lily in her room, so I decided not to personalize this little pillow.  She won’t be read to and rocked in her chair forever, afterall, and it would be nice to use the pillow in other rooms of the house!

I did a simple envelope closure on the back of all of the pillows, as I really didn’t feel like fiddling with a zipper.  I don’t have a lot of experience with them, and honestly I didn’t really feel like bothering to take the time to work through it.  I’ll have to practice on the pillows I need to make for the living room.

It is hard not to get caught up in the pillow craze.  They are a quick project, when compared to a quilt, and they add such a nice pop of color, pattern, and texture to a couch.  I have *no* pillows on my two living room couches, so I should takle that project next.

I was thinking Timber & Leaf with some touches of raspberry and plum.  Well.  Now it looks as though I need to take some pictures of my living room to get some proper opinions on current modern fabric lines that would work well!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend,

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  • Fred

    I’m not sure whether I enjoy your comments or your photography more. Both are captivating.