{Grow with Me No. 03} Westfield, New Jersey Photographer

Such a gorgeous family.  I wrote a little bit about them when I posted their sneak peek.  I am so happy that I will be documenting this family’s growth for at least 18 more months as they are expecting another beautiful baby.  I’m honored (and excited beyond words) that they’ve hired me to document another addition.  How awesome is it that they are going to have 3 years of sessions, two complete coffee table books, brag books, and enough prints to create two or more wall galleries in their home?

I’m telling you people, Grow with Me sessions are awesome.

Bath time! It is so much fun when they are teeny.  The time passes so fast, and as the older they get, the more it becomes about “getting clean” and the less it is about “play”.  And of course the older they get the harder it is to remember these super cute moments…

And look how seriously gorgeous this mama is.  Awesome hair, a beautiful belly, and damn.  Those jeans are amazing.

These balloons seriously didn’t stand a chance.  He was like a predator.  A balloon predator. He popped so many of these, and he LOVED it.  You can see him squeezing some two pictures up.  He was an animal.  Don’t worry, mom was sure to collect all of the misc. pieces of balloons that he left in his wake.

Too. cute. for. words.

And finally, I just need to say “watch out ladies”.  I can see the girls (my three included) fighting over him.  And they are having *another* little boy?!  One good looking family, for sure.

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  • Ellie

    Thanks *again* Meg! You’ve captured us so perfectly. :) xo