{From 4 to 5} Westfield New Jersey Family Photographer

I wrote a bit earlier this week about how I am going to start Project Life.  I’m going to try to incorporated the kids and the hubby into the process, and follow in the footsteps of Ali Edwards by having the binder and supplies out and accessible.  We’re going to make it a part of what we do together as a family, and we’re going to do it as the memories are happening.  That was my major goal – to stay on top of it with my family so that the pictures get off of my hard drive and are accessible.

My other goal was to get out from behind the camera a little bit, and get some more family portraits.  Using Tara Whitney as my inspiration, I’ve started a little mini project to go along with it.  Tara called hers 6 People 12 Times.  I’m calling mine “From 4 to 5”.  Why? Because right now we’re a group of four, but as the projects progress, we’re going to go from a four person family unit to a 5 person group!  We can’t wait, and I’m looking forward to seeing the changes we will be experiencing reflected in the images.

So, we headed to the zoo yesterday and I thought it was a great opportunity to take our first shot!  We may have had a few outtakes along the way…

but in the end we got one!  I sort of like all of them though… perfect in their imperfection and totally “us”!

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  • Rachel

    I’ve got to make more of an effort to stop hiding behind the camera too. I love the idea of your 4to5 project, I’m tempted to try it myself :)