{First Round of Film} Westfield New Jersey Photographer

There is a bit of a learning curve with cameras, whether going from one brand to another, or even different models within brands.  By going back a few decades and into a different format, I really wasn’t expecting much from my first roll of film.  When I went to pick up my negatives today, I was absolutely shocked that I walked away with 37 relatively correct exposures.  There were some over exposures and some under exposures which wouldn’t have happened had I been using my digital (because I am so familiar with how the the light meter works on the 5d mark ii).  I had to dig up the “expanded” version of the AE-1 manual online mid-roll to make make a few adjustments to how I was shooting.

I’ve learned a lot this first go around, the biggest piece of information that I gained is that I need to “override” the camera’s nature to automatically shoot at f/5.6.  By understanding this piece of information about the light meter, I was able to switch both aperture and shutter speed to manual (despite the instructions warning strongly against it!), but it caused the light meter to be off.  The manual basically told me that if I over rode the f/5.6 I’d be swinging by the seat of my pants and I shouldn’t trust the light meter.  No biggie. I understand the relationship between shutter speed and aperture, how to “stop up” and “stop down”, and how to trust myself and my knowledge of light.  Yes, exposures were off, even some of the following images which are my favorites could be adjusted.  But for a “throw away” roll of film (special thanks for the suggestion, Azzari, and for all of the other information you provided!) I’m pretty excited!

(marker all over her face and hands – not bruises!)

(My favorite! I love the light and how we seem to be catching a glimpse of a secretive moment!)

(She was getting a little peeved that she couldn’t see the picture right after I took it)

(New photo wall that I’m building in our bedroom.  Works by Irene Nam and Mandy Bryant)

All shots were taken with Kodak Ultramax 400.

None of the images were enhanced or edited.  Just uploaded and posted!

I can’t wait to load up another roll.  I’m spending some time out with the hubs tomorrow, and I may bring *just* the AE-1!

  • A. Jarrett

    Meg, these are gorgeous! My first roll was blank! You have captured the mood and light perfectly. Isn’t it freeing not having to post process?

    I think you are well on your way to becoming addicted to film like me ~

    P.s. My girls love to play with my WHCC boxes as well!

  • These are beautiful! I’ve been thinking of pulling out my old film camera as well…you may have inspired me :)

  • okay, honey buns … you inspired me. i just got a gift card from amazon affiliate program, and i ordered my first batch of ultramax 400 for my ae-1. i cannot WAIT!!! any tips??