{February Ice Storm} Westfield New Jersey Nature Photographer

January was one of the snowiest months EVER.  It looks like February will be the iciest.  The storm was spectacular, not during the actual storm itself, but the following day when it was still lingering.  Everything was encased , literally frozen for a time.  I went around with my camera and took some shots around the yard.  This pregnant woman was exhausted from stomping through layers of ice to walk through the knee deep snow, so it’s short and sweet. It’s also my first movie, and my first time using iMovie, so be nice :) Enjoy!

Images seen in the movie will be available in my Etsy shop soon. Notifications will be posted on my Facebook Page and on Twitter!

  • Stacie

    Made my night!

  • Melissa

    Very Nice! My little girl heard the music and ran right over to see it and started dancing. 😉

  • I seriously love this!