Equilateral Triangle Quilt in Purple, Peach and Teal

Title: Triangles in Purple, Peach, and Teal

Dimensions: approximately 78″ x 88″  Full Size Quilt

Fabric: I worked very closely with my customer to pick out the fabrics for this quilt.  The colors are primarily a range of each purple, peach, and teal with some yellows and grays thrown in.  I am just LOVING how  it turned out!  If you are interested in the specific fabrics, you can find them all on the Pinterest Board that I created for my customer while we were working out fabric choices!

The Process: I used my usual process for an equilateral triangle quilt. I also bound it by machine using my go-to method.

Quilting: Quilting lines followed the diagonal lines created by the triangles. I quilted about 1/4″ on either side of the seam.

What Needs to be Done:  This was mailed out to my customer about a month ago.  Since then, the quilt has been cuddled, snuggled, and dragged around.  She also received a coordinating pillow to complete the set!

For Next Time: I’m thinking that I need to make one of these as a value quilt to make the hexagons created by the triangles really POP!

Do you LOVE this quilt?  I have enough fabric to make this quilt up to another Full Size.  Please contact me through Etsy or email if you are interested in purchasing this quilt.  Information on my quilts can be found here.  This quilt would be the base price for the size you select, NOT the made-to-order price because there would be no alterations in design or fabrics, just size.

Before I go, here is a look at the pillow that was made to coordinate with the quilt!