{Ecomagination} Westfield, New Jersey Photographer

Something about Autumn makes me fall in love with the earth all over again.  There is such a distinct smell that travels in the crisp air; a combination of decomposing leaves, dirt,  and smoke from wood burning stoves fills our senses. Everywhere we look, the sun casts warm, almost violet, shadows in a high contrast array.  And chilly puddles  hold on in forgotten hallows, like mirrors they reflect the sharp blue sky among Autumn’s hues.

Right now, GE is putting on a project to help mankind.  I orginally read about The Ecomagination Project through Photojojo, but I’ve also run across it on Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter.  I hope you’ll join in uploading an image to the project!  As you can see above, I went with water, but they are also looking for wind and light images!

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  • Cool. I’m on board. It’s rainy here today and a bit chilly, but light and wind are in aboundant supply around here. :)

  • I love that water droplet picture. I just keep staring at it! Love the hints of peach and purple.

  • You can upload up to three photos a day as well. For more info visit: http://budurl.com/ecoblog

    thanks for your support!