{Drip, drip} Westfield, New Jersey Photographer

I was all ready for summer. Cute tank tops? Check.  Clam diggers? Check. Flip flops? Check. Sunglasses? Scratched but check.  Warm weather? No check. NO CHECK! A storm rolled in and on the front of it was 70 degree weather.  I wasn’t complaining until it started pouring and my little flip flop feeties got all wet and cold.  Granted, they got wet and cold because I was standing on my front step taking pictures of black eyed susans in the pouring rain, but who are you to judge?

The warmer weather should be coming back in again by the end of the week.  You can bet I’ll be outside planting, and soaking up the sun.  Or, maybe we’ll just ditch that all together and do something CRAZY like go to NYC for the day or maybe even (*gasp*) down the shore!

I hope your Wednesday was warmer and dryer than mine.  I hope that your Thursday treats you well.  Until Friday, friends!