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I get a lot of satisfaction out of visual aesthetics.  What does that mean? I like pretty things that compliment each other in color, tone, and mood.  I’m slowly creating a nursery for Junebug that I find aesthetically pleasing.  Why? Because I’m going to be spending a whole lot of time in there with her, especially at night, so I better like it.  I really find (especially during the doldrums of the winter months), that creating a little beauty, and fashioning some fun, really lifts the spirits.

One of my most recent finds is this little gem.  Her name is Hilda Mae, and I found her on Etsy.  Hilda Mae was created by Lori Nichols and can be found in her Etsy Shop. In my opinion, Lori is a very talented soft sculpture artist (and illustrator), and one of the things that makes her work so unique is that she uses primarily found materials.  The wool used in creating little Hilda Mae was upcycled from a sweater.  I don’t know where Lori found the sweater – a thrift store? A flea market? A garage sale?  It’s fun to day dream about.  I like to imagine that all of the fibers that form Hilda Mae had an adventurous existence even before they were formed into this soft (oh, so so soft!) little bunny.

And the colors? They go perfectly with some of the other items that I’ve started collecting for Junebug.  They match her nursery bedding exactly, and look splendid along with these swaddle blankets.  I’m going to have to buy more of those, swaddles have come a long way these past few years!  So, this weekend (since I’m still feeling tired from my kidney stone ordeal last weekend) I’ve created some fun by washing and folding items for Junebug.

So, as I clean all of the newborn clothes (and fight the urge to purchase an entire woodland family to live with Hilda Mae), the smell of Dreft is wafting through the house.  I’m folding all sorts of little onsies, beanies, and booties, and I’m thinking about all the love and care Junebug is going to get.  As I’m tucking her things into her drawer, I can’t help but think of the fairytale forest that I’m creating for her, and the next project that I’m planning…

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Enjoy your afternoon :)


  • Rachel

    Oh my, isn’t Hilda Mae just the cutest thing ever? Must.resist. Must.not.click.link.

    Junebug is going to have such a pretty nursery.

  • I love the colors Meg! So relaxing & happy. And I love the idea of upcycled things. Hilda Mae already has a life and a story… and so much more to come! Exciting stuff!