{Cravings} Westfield New Jersey Food Photographer

Some pregnant women have stronger cravings than others.  Now that I’m making my third person, I have a little bit of experience with cravings, and I now know how different they can be from pregnancy to pregnancy.  I’ve read that the baby begins to “taste” some of the flavors of the foods that I’m eating due to the development of smell and taste.  Amazing!  When I think about it in those terms, it is no wonder that I’ve craved different things during each pregnancy; every person is different, and so are their tastes! I don’t see why that wouldn’t apply to even the tiniest of people.

When I began shooting at Pairings in Cranford, NJ, I was completely overwhelmed with the smells in the kitchen.  Shooting their raspberry sorbet with lime scented sugar almost sent me over the edge between the sweet scent of the fruit and the aroma of the citrus zest.  You can only imagine my reaction when I began shooting the crab cakes.  Watching them combine all of the fresh ingredients was more than just a visual treat.

By the time the ingredients were combined, cooked, and plated, I was just about ready to explode.  I had the pleasure of tasting these crab cakes at the soft opening, and I had found them to be moist and rich with flavor.  The accompanying salad was a great balance to the crab.  My only regret was having to share them with my husband!  I knew that seeing these again on my shoot day would be difficult, but my professionalism overcame my pregnancy cravings and I was able to capture a few delicious shots!

I hope that if you live in the area, or if you ever find yourself in Central New Jersey, that you will stop by!