{Contest – Votes Needed!) Westfield, New Jersey Fine Art Photographer

It has been awhile since I’ve done one of these… and get this: the last two times I’ve done it, the things I’ve asked you to vote for HAVE WON!  So of course I’m coming straight to you for your help again :)

I’ve submitted a photo entry to a contest (‘George Washington’ http://hpstm.tc/x3f), where the “best of show” gets a trip out to LA to photograph Passion Pit and Muse at one of their concerts!  Airfare and hotel accommodations are all paid, and it includes a VIP concert package!  Very cool. I’d LOVE to be a band photographer!

So what do you need to do?

1) Go to this link: http://hpstm.tc/x3f
2) Hit “like” (you may have to sign into Facebook to do it… or follow the link through my profile so you are accessing it through Facebook)

That’s it!  Voting ends on MONDAY so please please vote ASAP so you don’t forget. You can only vote ONCE through FB, no need to log in more than once (unless you love my photo that much and want to keep looking at it)

Interested in doing more? Here are some other cool things you could do to get me some more votes…

1) Share this link on FB  http://hpstm.tc/x3f and ask people to vote and share the link!
2) On Twitter? Tweet this (and ask your friends to RT): ‘George Washington’ http://hpstm.tc/x3f by @teaandbrie #hipstamatic
3) Have a blog?  Put up a post!
4) Eat social networking for breakfast? Go forth and share!
5) Have a contact list that would put Paris Hilton to shame? Well… you know what I mean.  Forward this email to your friends, family, strangers… if you know a trained seal with a FB page, that would also be helpful.

So thank you thank you thank you for your help.  I would just be beside myself if I could make it to the top of the rank.  The top 5 get a CD package, but the #1 isn’t necessarily the winner – it is a juried competition.  Just getting enough votes to get me up in the ranks and noticed would be helpful!

And no, I wouldn’t leave Matt behind.  He could use air miles to fly out.  And then he could stay in the hotel and watch pay-per-view while I’m out with the band.