{Comfort} Westfield, New Jersey Photographer

I’m participating in two online workshops right now: Unravelling 2: Living in my World with Susannah Conway, and Picture Fall over at Big Picture Scrapbooking with Tracey Clark.  I had done the first Unravelling back in February of 2009.  That was a tough time for me – I was still suffering from PPD, and in a little bit of denial about it.  Picture Spring was Tracey’s first workshop over at BPS, I had a great time with that and decided to do it again.

Anyway. The point of me telling you all of this is that both of them have a similar theme right now.  With Susannah, we’re discussing home and its affects on our souls.  With Tracey, we’re capturing our comfort spots, and reflecting on how true comfort affects our spirits.  Do you see the link? I do. Home, comfort, spirit, soul, happiness.

Above is a shot of my spot on the couch. I love it – unfortunately, so does everyone else in this family.  In fact, we have a tendency to fight over it.  Thaya will try to persuade me to give it to her…

But don’t be fooled.  She has had 3.5 years to perfect that look (remember?) and she’s getting really good at it… but not good enough. I’m the mommy and I deserve a seat every now and then.  And when I say no… this is what I get…

See how quickly they turn on you?

Anyway, we usually reach a compromise and snuggle into it together.  Some nights, you can find me and my husband sitting on “the spot” with the girls in our laps surrounded by our 3 cats.  That one couch cushion and poor misshapen pillow get very small, very fast.

But we love it :)

  • I had to laugh, really laugh at this story with Thaya. Blake, my son and I have a similar ritual with a particular blanket we both love. I too have a favorite place on the couch. Fortunately for me, everyone else has their own as well so I don’t have to give it up.

  • Beautiful beautiful photos Meg! I saw your comment on Susannah’s site that you never get comments so thought I’d share some comment love with you. And I’d totally be fighting for that couch too. xx