{Comfort} New Jersey Fine Art Photographer

On Wednesday I spent 90% of my day organzing our living/dining room.  On Thursday, I was trying to find a way to make our dining room table look more inviting, and also attempt to make it visually fit into the space better.  Thursday afternoon my mom threw one of the lap quilts I made onto the center of the table and *poof* it fit.  On Friday I bought myself a bouquet of flowers to sit in a vase on the lap quilt in the middle of the table.

I’ve been almost crazed with the organizing itch this past week, and I know it is for one reason: comfort.  I find comfort in my home, when my home feels like home.  I know it is really a process that will take some time, to make the spaces and corners feel like they are MY corners.  But every little bit helps, and I’ve been working like crazy to get it there.

It still isn’t how I want it.  But little things like bouquets of flowers on a lap quilt that I made in the middle of my dining room table are small steps that I am taking to get me there.

Where do you find comfort?



  • Granna

    Love the daisy photos!

  • Mairin

    ooo – share a photo of the quilt please!

  • Petra


    I am really glad that you are finding comfort in your new home.
    I just wanted to drop you a line as today I went out with my little boy and picked a few flowers, just from the grass in the green to make my home comfy…and there you post the shot on flickr….and I had a smile on my face and feel nice.

    Good night Meg