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Jelly Roll Sweater

The Jelly Roll Sweater by Mara Catherine Bryner of Orange Knits is flying off the needles! This is a well-written pattern and truly a fun knit. BONUS: no brioche! I am not necessarily a Brioche hater, but it is not something that I can knit while doing other things, like reading, etching a movie, or…

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The Monarch Project

Hello, Friends! We moved into our current home six years ago, and since the beginning I’ve been working on the garden. Expanding the beds, creating new beds, slowly filling said beds with perennials. I’m not a proper gardener, but I do have a cottage garden that is overflowing with flowering plants that attract pollinators and…

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  • Lani

    We haven’t been able to save Monarchs, but our Painted Lady Butterflies just hatched! We have 5 we will be releasing in 2 days!