{Beach Day} New Jersey Photographer

There is something about the beach that always leaves us feeling relaxed, refreshed, ready to face what’s next.  This weekend was no exception.  We had a very quiet beach day on Sunday, and all of the images I walked away with reflect that.

Being in the middle of a huge transition, for both me and my family, has been adding a lot of stress.  To-do lists a mile long, days filled with anticipation, and deadlines.  Deadline after deadline.  It is easy to start winding up, and before you know it, your muscles ache from the tension.  Though we only went for a few hours, it was enough.  The beach was almost deserted as it was Easter Sunday and still off season.  The beach had been hit hard by the storms in March, and a 4 ft drop off from the dunes to the beach discouraged many beach-goers.

It was the perfect day for us.

Hope you had a great start to the week.