Back into it

Well, I’m finally starting to feel normal again! Being sick is really really difficult, especially when you have three small children depending on your to meet their physical and emotional needs daily.  In July, August, September, and October I really wondered if I would ever get better.  I really believed that it was possible that I would be hurting permanently.  Then, out of nowhere in November, I started to feel better.  I slowly started to exercise again, and my headaches finally began to subside.  Unfortunately October, November, and now December my family has desperately been trying to get over bronchitis, strep, croup, etc., so I feel like I have taken a few steps back, but I know it could be much worse.

I’ve been working on a few projects, including all of the holiday gifts for my girls’ teachers.  That, however, is for another post!  I would like to share this quilt with you today.  I love how it turned out, and if I didn’t need the money to pay for Christmas presents, I think I would hang on to it! I mean, look how cozy it looks on my bed…

I originally planned for this quilt to be a lap quilt or a toddler quilt.  Then I kept sewing and sewing and I thought, “Weeeeell… I guess now it would make a perfect picnic blanket!” It measures at a generous 73″x73″, and although it isn’t the typical twin bed size, it certainly could be thrown on a twin.  This quilt is larger than I expected.
I backed it in a simple green on cream pinstripe, and the binding is the same salmon color that is found in the blocks on the top.  The patches are random, and the negative space pops because of the geometric quilting.

This quilt is still in my shop SOLD! Wahoo!

I also made a little whoopsie when I was embroidering this ornament for a friend.  I am still suffering from some symptoms from my concussion, the most obnoxious being memory loss and absent-mindedness.   For example, after I put the permanent backing on this ornament to finish it up, I realized that I embroidered the wrong name. Some friend I am.  So this cute little ornament is also in my shop, and for sale at a discount.

And, if you like the ornament, but don’t know of a Henry who is celebrating his first Christmas this 2012, then you can order a custom ornament!  It is cutting it a little close, and I probably couldn’t guarantee Christmas delivery, but better late than never (because really, when he is 5 and sees his “first christmas” ornament, how is he going to know if it was on the tree THAT christmas?!).  Custom orders can be made here.

Take a minute to say hello if you’ve made it this far!  I’d love to start working my way through blogland… I’m about 4 months behind now!

Have a great day!