{another sick day} westfield new jersey photographer

When I went to sleep last night (at about 8pm), I had all sorts of grand plans of waking up today, finishing the piecing on Aubrie’s quilt, working on the laundry, and straightening up the house after days and days of being sick.

Unfortunately that didn’t happen. I am still feeling sick, my poor husband is sick, and the girls are all… yup… sick.

and poor Thaya seems to have gotten the worst of it.  She is running a high fever and has been laid out on the couch all day.  She even requested to go climb into bed at 5pm.  I am no stranger to my kids getting sick, but I still find it incredibly unnerving. I feel as though I can never take what they are feeling at face value, and I always have a feeling that there is something more wrong.

My new year is off to a little bit of a rocky start. I hope you are having a better go at it than us!



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