{A Treat of a Peek!} Westfield, New Jersey Food Photographer

I just put up a post on Pairings, a new restaurant that has opened in Cranford, NJ.  You can see some of the interior shots over at this post.  I had the honor of attending a soft opening a couple of weeks ago, and I was blown away.  The food was amazing.  Everyone at our table cleaned their plates (and I say plates, plural, because we all had starters as well as principle plates!), and we all ordered something different, so that must be some indication of how spectacular it was!

I was back at the space yesterday to start shooting some of their plated dishes, as well as the ingredients that go into these dishes.  I don’t usually give so much information about a session during a sneak peek, but I need to give a little background to help you better understand the “pairing” of images above.  Pairings is unique in that everything that is put into their dishes originates from a fresh source.  Meaning everything (everything) is made from scratch, including their pastas, the stock that is used in their soups and as bases, their sauces, their rubs, their starters, principles, and desserts.  Everything is presented in a sophisticated manner, but has a “homemade” edge.  That is why I feel that it is SO important to present images of the plated dishes with the images of their “in the making” counterparts.  The attention and care that is given to the ingredients found in their dishes, as well as the preparation and presentation of these dishes, is fantastic.  There is a lot of passion to be found behind the scenes at Pairings.  As I stood there and was helping style the above sorbet (an amazing fresh palate cleanser presented between courses), Chef Carol stood and grated fresh zest to mix with sugar for the garnish.  The scent of citrus mixed with the sweet sorbet was almost too much for this pregnant woman to handle.  These images are a direct representation of what is offered by Pairings.  Fresh food given personal attention and care, delivered directly to your table.

And this is just the sneak peek.  Wait until you see the crabcakes!  And the ribs?  The sight and smell of them were almost enough to make this vegetarian question her dietary preferences!

More to come soon.  Special thanks to Pairings for giving me the opportunity to capture these delicious and tempting sights for them!  I just wish that I could somehow project the scents and flavors to you all as well.  Do yourself a favor and reserve yourself a table sometime soon.  You won’t be disappointed!

You can find more on Pairing on their website.  You can also follow them through Facebook here, and over here on Twitter!

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  • What a beautiful restaurant! I love those wood chairs. My mouth is watering looking at this food. I wish NC wasn’t so far from NJ! I love the idea of everything being fresh and made from scratch. Totally awesome!