A Loof Toof!

Once kids hit school, they sure start to grow fast, huh?  My big girl has her first wiggly tooth! She is so absolutely, ridiculously, and enthusiastically excited.  I think it is in part due to her love of sharks – she thinks that it is “totally awesome” that she gets to lose teeth and have new ones take their place, just like her ocean friends!  She is also very taken by the idea of The Tooth Fairy, and I just had to make a little pillow!  There is a teeny tiny pocket to hold her teeny tiny teeth, and then a pocket that is a bit bigger to hold any potential treasures that The Tooth Fairy may decide to bring her.  I also thought that she could stick a note to The Tooth Fairy in the bigger pillow – she has specific questions to ask her, such as, “what do you need all of those teeth for?” Good question.  I’m sure The Tooth Fairy is relieved that Thaya has at least a week until that tooth falls out to think on her answer :)
There is a heart on the back, and it is embroidered with her name just to make sure that everyone (read: her sisters) knows that this is her special pillow.
I used this tutorial that I found on the Riley Blake Designs Blog. It wasn’t super descriptive, so if you are a brand new sewist, I don’t know that I would necessarily recommend it as a first project.  I will say, however, that it was simple enough that I was able to make a few of my own modifications to make it just perfect for my little girl, which basically means less frilly.  I’ll be sure to post some pictures after I sew up the bottom.

Thanks for stopping by!

  • That is such a sweet little pillow. And I love how organized your floss collection is!

  • I can’t wait to hear the answer your tooth fairy comes up with 😉