{A Joyful Welcome} Westfield, New Jersey Newborn Photographer

I was thrilled beyond belief when I was hired to shoot a dear friend’s soon-to-be son on a Grow with Me Plan.  These plans are an amazing way to document the first 12-18 months of your child’s life.  This particular job is super special, however, because not only will I get an up close glimpse of a sweetie pie going from an infant to baby to toddler, but I will be able to witness one of my best friends becoming a mom! So so SO cool!  When a maternity add-on was thrown into the mix, I was ecstatic!  {E} has to be one of the most beautiful and poised pregnant women I know.  I’m sorry, make that *had* to be…

Unfortunately I never did get to take those maternity photos.  We had scheduled them for two weeks ago, but due to a personal emergency, I was unable to do her shoot as planned.  We rescheduled for this afternoon (which, I should add, would have been a PERFECT day for pictures!), but baby {J} decided that 33.5 weeks was long enough in his mama’s belly.  He made his appearance six and a half weeks early. SIX AND A HALF!  And the most amazing part?  He was born at 5lbs 11oz and 18.5 inches long and is doing GREAT.

Wait, WHAT?!

My first, Thaya, was born at 38 weeks at 6lbs, 19.5 inches long and had issues breathing.  Dear baby {J}, if you went full term, you would have been… well… HUUUUUUGE! And, I think you may have just walked on out.

So, instead of a maternity shoot, I did an impromptu shoot at the hospital.  In a way, I’m sort of happy it turned out like this.  I remember what it was like (mostly because I’ve experienced it twice) to be in that “hospital haze”.  It is all very surreal, seeing your baby, holding your baby…. having your baby be on the outside.  The exhaustion is intense, and there is so much excitement all around, so much love being thrown at you… it is all very overwhelming.  I think that although it is sort of scary being in a position to have your baby come into the world so early, and there is a cloud of anxiety and worry looming over you when you have to think about the NICU, it will be important one day for them to look back and remember their time there.

And what better leverage to use on baby {J} when he brings home his first girlfriend?  “Have you ever heard the story of how {J} decided to make his entrance into the world…”

All my love and congratulations go out to {E}, {M}, {J}, & {B} (lol, see the order I put their initials, E?  That’s just for you) and their beautiful extended family.  You really do have so much to celebrate.



  • Ellie

    *happy tear*
    thank you so much, Meg.

  • xoxo
    love yah, El :)

  • Oh he is precious! Our twins were 31-weekers, and after a few bumps did wonderfully. Hang in there family, the NICU is scary but the people are usually wonderful. Welcome to the little world cutie pie!

  • Ellie

    Thank you @lifeineden. We met some amazing people- both on staff and other parents – that we’ll keep in touch with. It’s amazing how bonded you can feel with another parent in a similar situation. Baby J came home earlier this week, and it’s been amazing to start our lives together as a little family. Meg is taking more pictures, too!