{A closer Look} Westfield, New Jersey Photographer

I find myself thinking about my kids a lot.  Obviously I’m thinking about them when I’m meeting their daily (and often incessant) needs, but I also like to try to separate myself from the daily chores of being a mom in order to get a better picture of who my children are.  I know how easy it is to get pulled down in the daily challenges associated with being a mom, and how we all (children and mom alike) can lose ourselves.  When I take a step back, I try to really evaluate without being too objective.

Aubrie is… something else.  She has a very big personality in a very small package.  She knows what she wants and she makes sure that everyone in her immediate in the neighborhood knows about it.  She is stubborn.  She is picky.  She is emotional.  She is serious.  She is extreme.  I know she is little, but I really don’t think she cares what other people think about her, which doesn’t come without its own challenges.  She has a desire to please, but not an intense one.  She does have a desire to have fun, and it usually invokes a funky dance, a tickle fest, or silly faces.

Though Thaya has some similar characteristics, but she is a different category of child altogether.

She has a much stronger desire to please.  Add this together with her ability to come up with ideas and her desire to succeed at accomplishing said ideas, she often finds herself frustrated.  Her development in some areas exceed her capabilities in others, which also creates a great deal of tension.  With support and guidance, she is fun, outgoing, a true leader.  She will take over a situation and make it happen.  Without the support and guidance (all of use child development gurus call it “scaffolding”), she is just one meltdown after another.
And, since I got a new lens, I thought I’d share some of the first images I’ve taken with it.  All images were taken in my garden under overcast skies.

Just a note to say that all of the images in this post were taken with the Canon 100mm f/2.8L IS USM Macro, including the shots of my girls up top.  I love this lens, and may super glue it onto my camera body to ensure that I can never take it off :)

  • Granna

    Love this entire post!!!!!!!!

  • Oh, what a beautiful post! And funny that you just got a macro lens … last week i was investigating macros (hopefully to be a birthday gift to myself!) and was going to facebook you and ask for your opinion, but remembered you didn’t have a macro … so, from your post i take it the 100mm macro is worth getting? The images are gorgeous (but, thats all YOU not just your camera and/or lens hehe)

  • fabulous images. I think we must share the same children – I just have the boy versions!

  • Tamar

    Amazing from start to finish. The photos are unreal in their beauty! I love the challenge of trying to know and understand our children from afar, apart from the din of daily life. I’m going to make that my challenge for today. Who knows what I will discover? I feel like Thaya and Nathan have a lot in common: development exceeding capabilities, ability to focus on a fascinating new idea, frustration. Such beautiful traits and yet, sometimes it feels like there’s not enough (or maybe too much?) that I can do as the scaffolding. Lots of inner push and pull.

  • SO love this!! WOW! I love this type of shot anyway, but WOW – love these!