{4 :: 365} New Jersey Child Photographer

Thank you all for your comments yesterday :) I usually try to reply to every comment, and visit every blog, but I haven’t been feeling 100% so I slacked a bit.

I wasn’t in the tub with them yesterday, I’m not that crazy!  I had the camera strap around my neck and since they were focused for a short time, I “shot from the hip” by lowering my camera down to nearly water level.  I shot about 6 – 8 frames slightly moving the camera each time to make sure I would have at least one that was relatively centered.  The wide angle lens really does give the impression that I was in the tub, but I wasn’t.  Just hanging over the edge and muttering to myself, “don’t drop the camera. don’t drop the camera. don’t drop the camera…”

Today’s shot was inspired by this shot.  The headbands aren’t from her shop in these pictures, but as soon as I saw her image I ran over to her shop and scooped up the one that her little darling is wearing.  She has more beautiful items if you want to check out her shop.

Camera/Lens: Canon 5d Mark II w/ Canon 24 – 105 f/4L IS USM

Shutter Speed/Aperature:1/100 at f/4

ISO: 640

Flash: Fired (off camera to the left)

  • Nana

    Meg, This photo of Brie should be in a studio!! Wow. What a beautiful shot.

  • so very sweet

  • Beautiful!

  • ohhhhkay. 4 days in and you’re making my 365 project look like poo. great shot. it looks so soft and uncluttered. i’m not sure i have a single wall anywhere that’s so empty!

  • Your lighting is incredible! I have no idea how you capture such great lighting. If you have techniques, please share! What a cutie by the way. :)

  • This is so sweet. The headbands are totally adorable. I started my 365 project on flickr.