{Worth the Wait} Westfield New Jersey Newborn Photographer

So, in case you didn’t know, our little Lily arrived on July 5th.  She was 10 glorious days overdue, and it was worth every minute she decided to wait because she was born ready to rock.  She first started smiling in the delivery room (that is, after she finished pooping all over that little table thing they put them on to weight them, etc..), began nursing almost immediately, and has rapidly been gaining weight (in fact, she began gaining again AT the hospital. I’m serious. She is such a good eater).  She LOVES her sisters, and will track them all over the room… that is, when she is awake.  Because this kid likes to sleep.  Don’t get me wrong, she comes with her own challenges, but *so far* she is a walk in the park as compared to the volatile storm that was Aubrie’s newborn (and baby, and toddler, and now preschooler) time.  I say *so far* because I know that this can all change at 6 weeks.  So here’s hoping that little miss “easy temperament” sticks around.

By the way, she actually laughs at her sisters, and “talks” to them. It is so stinking adorable.  And we’ve been having a really hard time doing tummy time because she really likes to flip over.  At three weeks.

How are the big sisters?  They are coping.  It has been a transition for all of us, and luckily we’re all saying relatively positive things about it.  Aubrie insists on holding her little sister every single day, and as you can see, she is very serious about it…

and, like I said, she likes to sleep.  But when she isn’t sleeping, she is busy cracking us up with her cute toes, her chubby little cheeks, and her craaaaaaaazy eyes…

we are absolutely smitten.  And have I mentioned the smiles? Because we really can’t get over them…

And, like I said, the girls are coping, even though a lot of things I need to compromise on.  Like “cleaning up the living room” and “getting dressed”, apparently…

but, we’re having a great time, and we’re doing it together, as a family of five! Wow!

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  • She’s beautiful, Meg. Such bright eyes. Congratulations!

  • Your family is so cute together and yes she was worth the wait.