{Work In Progress} Westfield New Jersey Photographer

We’ve been making a lot of trips to our new home since March.  Over this time, the house has gone from being a home I associated with my Grandmother to a place that will soon be full of my own memories of my family, my children’s milestones, and the growth of my business.

It has been overwhelming, taking out all of my Grandmother’s things and trying to think where our things will go.  Overall it is a really bittersweet process, and although I have only been present for maybe 25% of the purging and rearranging, I have still caught little glimpses of her lingering presence from time to time – a loofah in the bathroom, red boots in the cellar, a half knitted scarf on the needles, tucked in a drawer in the living room.

The house is a lot further along now than these pictures show.  All of her furniture has been removed.  The walls are finished being painted and the kitchen is nearly finished.  Once the floors and bathrooms are cleaned upstairs, they will be ready to start housing our personal items.  We will start to make our imprint.

But for now, I think about the process that we’ve gone through.  I am very happy with our move to Westfield, and I cannot wait until I can consider it my home again.  My children with be the third generation from my family who will be raised in town, the second generation to be raised in this home.  The house and town will be a home to my family for 51 years.  To me, that is incredible…

But at the same time I feel a little melancholy about leaving what has been our home for the past five years.  We were newlyweds here.  We had our first two children here.  Despite my emotional connection to where we are, I know deep down that we’ve made the right choice, and the decisions we are making are really what is best for our children.

So as we finish packing the few remaining items of my Grandmother’s to move out, and begin packing the items that reflect who we are to move in, I allow the current of bitter and sweet to toss me around.  Even when we have a life of happy memories waiting to be made, sometimes we have to take a moment to entertain our histories, the bits and pieces of the process that got us here.

We’ll be spending the weekend making trips up to Westfield to start the moving process.  I hope you have a great weekend, see you on Monday!